Handmade Greeting Cards

Handmade Greeting Cards

17th Dec 2020

The best greeting cards that leave a lasting impression by inspiring the heart of the receiver, are handmade. Whether given to celebrate a special occasion or as part of a gift, they bring joy and happiness by adding a personal touch.

When creating customized paper crafts, Teachers Tape can be cut into custom sizes for card creators to position items before they adhere them permanently. Once positioned, simply pull the easy removal liner to reveal the adhesive stick to an object and then repeat the same process to expose the other side of the adhesive to apply it on the card.

Teachers Tape provides a perfect finish as it is not visible through most types of paper, die cuts or photographs. Glues are often messy to use and leave unsightly bumps or smears on your beautiful handmade craft. Paper crafts can benefit from an adhesive that is as clean, safe, and mess-free. Using the wrong adhesive can completely ruin a nicely finished greeting card.

Utilizing a double-sided foam tape creates 3d effects adding depth and dimension. Whether it is adhering one die cut to a card or compiling several together, Teachers Tape makes adhering multiple objects so easy. Both children and adults absolutely love this adhesive tape as it provides a fast and safe solution for creating.

Try Teachers Tape for your next card design. Available in pieces or rolls, they can easily be cut to custom or specific sizes depending on the paper craft project. Be sure to tag us on social media using hashtag #teacherstape. We look forward to seeing your handmade greeting cards.

Would you like to try a sample?  Contact a teacher tape member here.