DIY Glitter Ribbon for Wrapping

DIY Glitter Ribbon for Wrapping

18th Nov 2020

Whether you are wrapping gifts for a holiday or birthday occasion, we have an amazing alternative to efficiently add sparkly glitter ribbon to your packages. All you need is your Teachers Tape, a pair of scissors, and fine glitter to create DIY glitter ribbon.

Once you have your packages wrapped, you will want to cut Teachers Tape into strips of your desired length to add to your package. You can add the glitter to your strips before or after applying to your package.

To apply the glitter, you will want to peel back the liner on the side of the tape that will not be used to adhere to the package. Choose your favorite fine glitter and sprinkle on top of the tape until its completely saturated and you cannot see any of the tape underneath the glitter. Once the glitter is applied, you will want to brush off any loose particles. Once finished you will have a nice sparkly tape ribbon that can be used to beautifully decorate your packages.

Remember, when using glitter, it can be very messy. It is recommended you lay some sort of scrap paper or sheet to your work surface before starting the project to catch any of the loose and remaining glitter. Glitter is not the only material that can stick to Teachers Tape you can also try the following to create ribbons:

  • Die cuts
  • Lace
  • Sprinkles
  • Hole punch paper pieces
  • Confetti

In addition, you can also use this technique for a variety of end applications such as greeting cards, scrapbook pages, and tags. We look forward to seeing what you create, be sure to tag us using hashtag #TeachersTape.

Contact the Teachers Tape team if you should have questions or would like to try a sample.