Design Learning Workstations

Design Learning Workstations

1st Sep 2020

Learning workstations are places where students can focus their learning in smaller groups within a classroom. These designated spaces allow students to work together by accomplishing activities in specified amount of time and then rotating to another workstation after they have each completed a task. Learning workstations also provide children with opportunities to practice hands-on skills and social interaction.

Each workstation can be labelled for specific skills that teachers would like the students to discover. Workstations can range in a variety of subjects which promote experientially and discovery learning. Whether teachers set them up permanently or temporarily, Teachers Tape can be used as an essential component to assemble these workstations. Following, represents a few ideas on how our double-sided foam tape can be utilized to create classroom workstations:

  • Mounting signage to identity each workstation
  • Displaying directions for each workstation
  • Organizing and categorizing sensory bins
  • Attaching components of school projects together
  • Adhering cardboard together to make floor and tabletop dividers
  • And more!

Teachers Tape works on most types of walls, ceramic tiles, and wood surfaces. It is easy to apply and remove leaving very little residue behind and classroom safe too! 

Questions?  Like to try a sample?  Contact the Teachers Tape team here.