Classroom Décor + Themes to Try

Classroom Décor + Themes to Try

17th Feb 2021

Teachers love decorating! From bulletin boards to classrooms and doors, it is all about creating an environment that is comfortable and welcoming for students or visitors. Most teachers believe a classroom should be an inviting place that promotes learning and engagement. Teachers have a ton of responsibilities on their plates; however, they know this is no excuse to have a room full of bare walls.

Decorating is an activity that allows teachers to make their classroom a home away from home as they spend most of their day at school. Whether it is a new teacher or for a high school class, one can never go wrong with decorating. Styling a room or door entry makes any space that is much more inviting for those who enter.

There are many ways a teacher can garnish a room. This includes showcasing what will be taught, current events, images of historic places around the world, inspirational passages, art, or scholarly work. This can also be a fun interactive assignment for students to participate in when there is free time to deepen classroom collaboration. For example, it is a great opportunity to ask students if they would like to cut out pieces to adorn the hallway bulletin boards.

Decorating has no boundaries, making this great for every season or special occasion too. Decorating has no limits, and teachers can even go as far as having a special theme in their classroom. The Teachers Tape Team has discovered a few examples of themes that could be used in the classroom.

Classroom Themes to Try (Courtesy of

Of course, to bring a room to life, an adhesive is needed to hold the décor up and in place. Teachers Tape products work as a companion to decorations as it provides easy and safe solutions to mount objects. Its double-sided foam tapes provide a self-stick adhesive and easy to lift liner to adhere to a variety of surfaces and cleanly removes leaving no sticky residue behind. There are also magnetic tapes and no-skid products. We look forward to seeing your decoration capabilities and themed classrooms. Be sure to tag us using #TeachersTape.