10 Unique Ways to Use TeachersTape®

10 Unique Ways to Use TeachersTape®

30th Mar 2021

TeachersTape carries various adhesive tapes such as double-sided tape, magnetic tape, and no-skid foam. These adhesives are easy to use and are safe for the classroom or home for various projects. The best part is that teaches and students love this sticky stuff!

One of our favorite products is our foam tape, which has a double-sided adhesive that quickly bonds objects together or surfaces and removes them cleanly when needed. Unlike traditional glues and adhesives, our tapes are entirely safe for use and do not leave a mess behind. We love our bonding solutions because they are mess-free and add dimension and depth to various projects to give a 3d effects.

We have compiled a list of 10 ways to use Teachers Tape.

  1. Mount student assignments and décor
  2. Adhere labels to objects for organization
  3. Give DIY Projects Dimension
  4. Hold rugs and books in place
  5. Create desk and table privacy panels
  6. Make scrabble title and various magnets
  7. Encourage fine motor skills and independence
  8. Create learning stations for tiered assignments
  9. Make treat boxes
  10. Create easy to apply stickers and die-cuts

Although this is a shortlist, the truth is the possibilities are endless. Teachers and children love this one-of-a-kind, fun, and versatile tape. It is one of those teacher supplies that is the best out there, and everyone should have them in their supply box. It is so unique that it deserves to be one of the top supplies of the list for teacher essentials — along with post-it notes and pencils.

TeachersTape's potential is all within in its versatility as it works for both functional and decorative purposes for various classroom projects and activities. It is also one of those supplies that are so easy yet crafty to use. This tape can be used for everything!

From feedback, we hear. Teachers are obsessed with this sticky stuff. From mounting objects to creating arts, it can even fix things too. Like a pair of glasses. Now is the perfect time to enhance classroom activity and add TeachersTape to the supply box. You will never go wrong!