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Duraco Magnetic Tape

One of the most popular products that TeachersTape offers is the Duraco Magnetic Tape. Our magnetic tape will have your classroom looking great without the headaches you�ve had in the past using common household tapes that never seem to stick properly. You can use the magnetic tape for many different purposes around the classroom such as, hanging calendars, attaching nameplates to desks, hanging signs and other lightweight items.

TeachersTape magnetic tape has a "quick-stick PERMANENT adhesive backing and is available in pre-cut sizes on a roll or a longer continuous roll for bigger projects. TeachersTape believes in its products and that is why we are sure that you will love our magnetic tape as well as our other permanent and removable foam tapes.

Order Your Duraco Magnetic Tape today, or request a free sample to see how our magnetic tape will make your classroom look great.

Part Number Width in. Length in. Pieces/Roll Price
473141 1 2 600 $75.04

Part Number Width in. Length ft. Price
473112 1 50 $23.78
473113 2 50 $45.39

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