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Glue Dots

Glue Dots are a neat alternative to messy glues that can get all over the classroom. In addition to being a clean alternative to other types of glue, Glue Dots are strong enough to hold up to the toughest classroom and household projects without making a mess. Teachers have found that Glue Dots are easy to use and are faster and safer than hot glue.

Glue Dots come in three different bond types: removable, semi-permanent and permanent. Our three different bond types give you the versatility to choose just the right adhesive strength you need for each project. Glue Dots are also great for memory books, dioramas, cards, crafts and other school projects.

Order our Glue Dots today or request a free sample. At TeachersTape we believe that it is important to try out a product before you buy it and that is why we make our products, like Glue Dots available for you to sample.

Part Number Bond Thick in. Dia. in. Dot/Rolls Price
471861 Removable 1/16 1/2 1000 $37.84
471862 Semi-Permanent 1/16 1/2 1000 37.84
471863 Permanent 1/16 1/2 1000 $37.84

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