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Thick Twin Stick Foam Blocks

3-D effects are jumping out everywhere. Now you can easily bring those 3-D effects to your art and craft projects with Thick Twin Stick Foam Blocks. The foam blocks have a worry-free PERMANENT adhesive that sticks well to a wide variety of surfaces: corrugate, wood, chipboard, poster board, paper, and most plastics. Create projects using one or a variety of surfaces.

Thick Twin Stick permanent foam blocks come in both � and 1 inch thicknesses in white or black. Use varying thicknesses to create eye-catching dimensional displays. The white blocks are good to hang light colored materials and the dark blocks are perfect for dark colored materials. Your students will be amazed at the 3-D projects they will be able to create.

See for yourself! Order a variety of Thick Twin Stick Foam Blocks today to see how easily TeachersTape can bring 3-D dimension to your classroom. No order is too small.

Part Number Color Thickness in. Width in. Length in. Pads Price
470043 White 1/2 1 1 36 $16.77
470035 White 1 1 1 36 $17.54
470520 Black 1/2 1 1 36 $17.61
470519 Black 1 1 1 36 $18.42

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